Herb Meehan


There are so many varying degrees of what a website can be. Some websites are very small and others are fully featured. The main purpose is that you're conveying a message or selling "something." Something can be in the form of products, services, ideas, opinions, or an entirely different entity. I've personally seen the incredible growth on the front-end side of web development and the response it gets from web users. Richer interfaces that are more reactive and responsive are the standard.

The following are websites that I was either involved with making better, or that I created.

Love Culture

Love Culture was founded in 2007 by former executives from retailer Forever 21, to sell affordable clothes and accessories to young women, according to its website. In 2010, the company started an online store. Two years later, it started the upscale Boutique Culture line. Love Culture sells fashion-forward, affordable clothing, footwear and accessories targeted to a 15-to-35-year-old female demographic, though actual shoppers may be anywhere from their early teens into their fifties. Its stores, typically mall-based, sport a distinctive design. Bright, uncluttered and decorated with pink tiled floors, white walls and red fixtures and chandeliers, Love Culture stores show off their wares to advantage.

I worked closely with the graphic designers and copy editor to create visually stunning and interactive pages. Along with making a website that had to appeal to an audience that expected visual perfection, I was in charge of a site that had over 70,000 unique visitors and even more on holidays. The front-end had to be creative and alive with energy on a daily basis. I was the lead senior developer over an ASP.NET (C#) site using MSSQL. Having direct access to the SQL Server provided key reporting through complex SQL queries. We really knew our customers well. Lastly, pages were always SEO friendly and integrated with Facebook whenever possible.

Antioch College

Antioch College is a 165-year-old startup, determined to use its reopening to build and scale a model for what the liberal arts experience can be for all students in the 21st century—not a 4-year retreat from the world, but a deeper engagement with it. Originally founded in 1850, Antioch has long been an agent of disruptive change, having been the only liberal arts college in the country with a required work component for more than 100 years. The cooperative education program reflects Antioch’s critical pedagogical insight that the separation of classroom learning from the world of work is artificial—a philosophy that has produced Nobel Laureates, Fulbright and Rhodes scholars, and notables in the arts, government, business and education.

During my time at Antioch University of Los Angeles, I created a new website and was officially the Wed Administrator. While Antioch is an established university with many years under its belt, the university knew that they needed to embrace the beauty and functionality of a good website.

I had the opportunity to serve as the interim CTO for three months to help out. Lastly, I supervised two work-study support personnel - making sure the university got the support that they needed.


I designed and developed a management tool (Lifebringer) that helps diabetics manage their diabetes. I'm very proud to say that Lifebringer holds over 60,000 user blood sugar records. Both desktop and mobile views are available to the user, depending on their screen size. There are automated reminders sent out to the user at times of their own choosing (based on user's time zone). Over 1,600 reminders are sent out each week.

Responsive design, which handles smaller touch screens intelligently.


eVisit makes telehealth simple for healthcare providers. Collect co-pays, diagnose, ePrescribe and submit patient charts for telemedicine reimbursement.

The most attractive thing about eVisit, is that the entire company is all about making telemedicine better and actually improving the lives of people (both patients and doctors).

I contributed to making the "admin" backend tool better and stronger. As always, the key to doing anything right is to understand what's needed and how it will be used. I also handled the reports for most of the departments.

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