Herb Meehan

About Me

A website about me should have an about page. I don't really have a lot to say, other than at my core I love my wife and love creating software. All I need is my wife, a good computer, and an internet connection and I'm happy.


Other interests:

  • Almost a vegan, but love pizza too much.
  • Been playing World of Warcraft for over a decade and still love it.
  • Really interested in UI/UX and how a user interacts with (any) system.
  • Admires good software. The design, commitment to quality, time, and energy placed into something well made.
  • Taekwondo: I only went to an orange belt, but love the martial art.

I have the same general goal as most people. To be happy. Something that helps me obtain this happiness is using my knowledge and skills to create a living.

Feel free to contact me to throw in your two cents. I'd love to hear from you.