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Android Projects

Android has become the world's most popular mobile platform. I was personally drawn to Android for several reasons. First of all, you basically have a choice between iOS (Apple), WindowsPhone (Microsoft), and of course Android (Google). I was attracted to its core platform, pre-installed software that I've been using for years (Gmail, Calendar, Youtube, Chrome, etc), a rich number of APIs, and Google's very pro-developer stance. It costs a one-time fee of $25 to be able to deploy apps to Google Play. Apple charges $99 per year. The development community for Android also seems more excited and more charged-up as well. The most important and fun thing for me is that Java is the programming language for all Android development. Java has been around for about 20 years, and it's a language that most developers are at least familiar with (even if indirectly). It's a language that, when used correctly, is a wonderful tool.


The Android app for Jolt's proprietary platform provides restaurants with the ability to request drivers on-demand or schedule drivers for future pickups. Jolt's platform allows them to provide delivery for ALL of a restaurant's orders, whether they come via phone, website, or third party app.

Jolt explains the app much better than I ever could:

Nagbot Diabetes

Nagbot Diabetes is a different kind of Android app that helps diabetics become healthier through a rich user experience wrapped within an ultra friendly user interface. Nagbot Diabetes encourages you to test and gives clear feedback on how you are doing. Testing your blood sugar can often feel like a second job. Let's face it - testing sucks, but it's absolutely necessary. Spice things up with Nagbot Diabetes.

Numbers are cold. It's what you do with the data and how you present it.
That's what really matters.

United States Constitution

The United States Constitution in your pocket, which includes the preamble, amendments, and articles. The amendments and articles are searchable as well. The United States Constitution is the highest law of the United States of America. The Constitution outlines our government's rights, as well as our rights as Americans. The Constitution was originally composed of seven articles and outlined the national frame of government. Since 1789, the Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times. The first ten amendments (Bill of Rights), offer specific protections of individual liberty and justice. These amendments place restrictions on the powers of government.

Core theme: American, red, white, and blue.

Updated May 22, 2016: Added the ability to share amendment and article items. Share button fits app's patriotic theme.

Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the most popular book of all time. Just in the past 50 years, over 4 billion copies were sold. No other book comes even close to how far this book has reached and touched. The Bible app is based off of the King James Version.

  • Browse the Bible in the easiest and simplist way.

  • Share a Bible verse of your choice on many different platforms (Gmail, text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc (Depends on what apps are installed on your device)

  • Random Quote of the day (tap to refresh and see another random quote verse)

  • Built-in favorites systems allows you to tag verses as a favorite, and easily come back to your favorites list at anytime.

  • Search through the Bible based on your custom search keywords.

Core theme: ancient, woodtone, holy.


Shields is a tower defense game currently in development. Shields is inspired by a gameplay style that encourages patience, but too much patience is punished. You are required to spend your energy motes in a manner that brings you victory. This game is rated E, for everyone.

  • Protect your base from the enemy onslaught.
  • Energy motes system requires you to build your board wisely in an unlimited configuration.
  • Achievement system.
  • Google Play Services integration.
  • Scoreboard showing other Shields players around the world.
  • IAPs enabled, but definitely not required.

Shields is currently in development / being created.

Feel free to contact me to throw in your two cents. I'd love to hear from you.